VYGAS GROUP will offer an interior design solution that will improve the functionality of the space and the aesthetic appearance whilst enhancing the quality of life for the users.


Our Architects are trained to understand space. We are the only professionals who know how to visualize and get the most out of a space from both a practical and artistic perspective. As space becomes increasingly valuable in an ever shrinking world the importance of involving architects has become obvious. At we strive to make use of every cubic volume of space available. On the one hand we look at ways to avoid wastage while on the other we look at how to make those spaces enhance lives.

A lack of thought towards furniture, storage, and maintenance usually results in a compromised living arrangement that distracts from the original design intent. That is why all of our drawings explore furniture arrangements. We can make small spaces more useful, flexible and meaningful.

We create spaces that enable people to communicate and collaborate more effectively, streamlining business processes to deliver increased performance while reducing associated costs. Our solutions combine physical space with furniture and workspace technology to enhance the way your organisation operates. In doing so, we also create environments that emphasise workplace wellbeing, that express your brand values and that motivate and inspire your people.

Knowledge in interior design is therefore paramount and why we offer interior design as an integrated part of our service. In view of this, our service represents great value for money and our clients should not require additional services of an interior designer as our team is not only limited to architects, we also have experts in landscape and interior design who are engaged in the design process.


Construction Documentation

Throughout the construction process, team will work with your team to keep everyone on the same page. Our architectural services during the construction phase include construction drawings & specifications, engineering coordination & review and estimates of construction costs.


Engineering Design Services

We Maintains a full-service design team that covers all of the technical disciplines required to deliver a complete engineering design project, including civil, structural, architectural, piping, mechanical, and electrical.