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Careers with VYGAS GROUP

At VYGAS GROUP, we work together, and we hire together. With culture playing such an important part, it's not surprising that the right fit is a key criterion in all hiring decisions. Candidates meet with many members of our team, who each contribute to the final decision, before any offer is made.

When you're a member of our crew, we take care of you. Hard work and great performance is regularly rewarded. In addition to promotions and salary increases, we also recognise employees who 'surprise and delight' through:


"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."


Architecture Design

Our architecture is driven by a belief that the quality of our surroundings has a direct influence on the quality of our lives, whether at home, in the workplace, the cultural building or the public realm.


Building Contracts

Our construction services provide clients with an extensive range of construction and construction-related services for projects of varying scope, budget, schedule and complexity.


3D Design

We provide a range of architectural CAD modelling services to our customers to aid the design, planning and visualisation phase of construction projects.


We offer our Design services to all over the World.

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What Our Clients Say


We love what we do

  • We Listen

    We listen, we discuss, we advise. Sounds obvious but we listen to your ideas, plans and objectives for your project. We then select the best solution to fit.

  • Creative & Technical

    Whether it's Residential or Commercial, Industrial or Interior Design we like to keep everything under one roof to make it easier for our customers.

  • Experience

    We love discussing and planning new projects and have years of knowledge and experience that we bring to the table.

  • Passionate

    We love nothing more that working on a great project with a fantastic client. We care about our clients and can often be found working out of hours to get everything 'just right'!